Ada is a Female Bolognese Puppy – $3300

Ada was born on May 1st 2014. Her parents are Lady Maria and Sir Camus. The Bolognese puppies are considered very rare and a joy to own. Ada’s mother Maria has been a consistent produce of champion puppies. She is the mother of the famous Sabastion who wont the World Dog Show in Solvika and also won at the World famous Cruft’s Dog Show which is by invitation only in Great Briton. Ada’s father Sir Camus is the smallest, most perfect, Bolognese in the world currently standing at stud at Bolognese of Phoenix, Phoenix Arizona.

Ada was named after the famous Mountain Ada Hotel on Catalina Island.  The hotel was the former private residences of William and Ada Wrigley of the famous Wrigley’s Chewing Gum company out of Chicago Illinois.  The beautiful home was built by Mr Wrigley as a gift to his wife Ada.  The views from the home are absolutely spectacular.  The lights from Las Angles glimmer in the distance at night and the ocean is brilliantly blue in the daytime.  Mt Ada also views the lovely town of Avalon.  It is something wonderful that reminded me of this very special little dog.

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