Brian’s Story

Howard-MaryAlice-BrianBrian I was an accident and a miracle that changed my life forever. Brian’s story begins in 1990 when I was visiting a friend in my home-state of Oregon. We were site-seeing along a woods road when what looked like a small white rabbit darted out from the woods to the car. My friend was not traveling very fast and was able to immediately stop. She got out to look under the car and cried out, “Omigosh, it is a puppy!”

I quickly gathered the dirty, quivering pup and we immediately took him to the vet to be cleaned up and taken care of. In trying to find the owner, we found out that the sheriff had raided and shutdown a poorly run puppy mill about a mile from where we found the pup.

I decided to keep him. I named him Brian and immediately fell in love with him. He was affectionate and the perfect companion for me. Or should I say I was the perfect companion for Brian! At any rate, he gave me tremendous joy and companionship. the following year I met and married Howard Davis, who also fell in love with Brian. Brian enthusiastically accepted Howard into his happy family.

Interestingly, none of the vets we took Brian to could identify his breed. He was not anything they had seen before.
Tragically, Howard was diagnosed with cancer four years after we were married. Little Brian refused to move from his side during the ordeal. When he died, Brian and I became inseparable. Brian became my rock for several years of grieving and going through a maze of legal issues.

In the summer of 2005 I was in my kitchen when Brian began barking furiously in the living room. He rarely barked and when I went to see what was the matter I entered the living room just in time to see a pack of coyotes push my screen door open and attack Brian. He was standing his ground to defend me. But he did not stand a chance against six or seven coyotes. He died protecting me.

MaryAliceIt was during my grieving for my companion that I did a diligent search of the internet to try to find his breed. I found he was a Bolognese, a rare breed that was popular within the nobility of Europe. I decided then that I would honor Brian by helping restore the breed and fill as many families with joy as possible. Of course, in the process, I am once again receiving triple doses of that same joy!

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