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For Sale – Shawna – Bolognese Puppy – $3800

For Sale – Shawna – Bolognese Puppy – $3800

Shawna is a 100% top quality Bolognese. Her hose, eyes and lips are coal black. She has a very square with body eyes broad-set. tail is high and curls over her back ears are high and expressive, just the way they should be. She has an excellent 6/6 bite. She is playful alert and fun to be around. Her parents are of show quality and European born

For Sale – Mandi – Bolognese Puppy- $3200

Mandi (born on January 11th, 2014) is a full blood Bolognese female of the highest quality the world has to offer. Her parents are both imported from Europe, from a long line of champions. She is absolutely beautiful in every way. Her eyes are not open yet and she is still nursing and her mother is very proud of her. Call today for more photos and information. (480) 773-9845.

For Sale – Anna Lynn is a Bolognese – $2800.

Anna Lynn is a beautiful Bolognese puppy with broad set eyes, a short snout, and a perfect bite.  She is playful and has an extremely thick coat.  Her coat is florescent white.  She is waiting for the perfect home.  Call today for more information on how you can own this beautiful Bolognese puppy. For More […]

Laura is a Female Bolognese Teacup Puppy

Born December 12, 2012 Laura is the image of her most beautiful European show winner Lady Saxana and her exquisite father Sir Camus. Both parents are featured in Bolognese ladies and gentleman for breeding groups on this website. Laura is a very happy puppy and loves her mother’s worm rich milk. We will continue to […]