Testimonial of John and Rosa Lee Wakefield

rosa_lee-candyMary Alice, in the fog of our move to Plano, Texas from Houston, I havent taken the opportunity to say thanks. So thanks! We enjoy all three of our dogs so much. Ziti is not only a beauty but so full of life and energy! Daily we are amazed by her intelligence, as not a thing happens around the house she doesnt notice and “comment” upon. She is taking daily long walks/runs with my wife and loves being outdoors on the leash and is learning to recognize Rosa Lee as a pack leader.

Sasha is simply stunning. She turned out to be the best looking Bolonka I have seen. She is more like Ziti than Bebe. She is the most independent of the three dogs and is full of energy and on the go constantly. She too loves going outdoors, which all three get to do more in this home than in Houston. Her first experience with a leash she demonstrated her intelligence by stepping over the leash when it was around her leg… She is independent but also so loving. she is the perfect size – around 4.5 pounds but sturdy and strong as can be…she challenges Ziti for being boss on occasion which generates some excitement as Ziti isnt giving up that role… but they get along great 99.9% of the time and want to be together.

Bebe is the lapdog. She is the most loving of the three. She loves to eat and hasnt joined the walkers Ziti and Sasha with Rosa Lee soon as the heat wave seems to have gone finally. She is mellow one and less in need of exercise to take her energy level down some but could use the exercise to balance her apetite. She “speaks” when she has something important to say but otherwise is the quiet one. She is a creature of habit and is happiest when in a lap.

We love all three equally and are so blessed to have them to keep us company and entertain us and shower us with unconditional love. Thank you for breeding and raising such social, loving pets we can enjoy. If everyone knew about these breeds, you would be hard pressed to ever have puppies available.

We will take some pictures when the house decorating is done…and send them to you. We are thrilled to hear about the success in Europe you reported. I see Ziti in her mom Saxana.

Thanks again Mary Alice for the wonderful dogs and family members you breed for us. I hope this note finds you doing good.


John and Rosa Lee Wakefield