Testimonial for Barron Von Bonito

I found Mary Alice at an odd time, watching my almost 13 year old labrador aging too soon, and observing my 8 year old havanese playing with a new puppy across the way with such longing; I knew it was time to add another furry child to our home, so i began the search; it was happenstance really, that I saw Barron’s photo when i started to research bolognese pups; what hooked me was the size, the teacup concept has appealed to me for years, yet I had not found it to exist in a breed i truly desired; it was a gift, that he was available, and slightly over 1 year, the ideal age for my present family members to welcome; it felt right, and within hours, our home expanded, and oddly remained strikingly the same; he fit in immediately as if he had been hand picked for us, his affection, his temperament, his warmth, his funniness, his love for fellow dogs, his beautiful personality, well, he is magic; it is not easy to breed a dog with these qualities, and such soundness, not to mention his outward irresistible appearance, but Mary Alice has done so; to know she will make other new owners as delighted as I am, this makes me smile, as I head for bed with my three little big men tonight; for those of us who adore our dogs, there is no greater bliss than seeing them happy and healthy, and no greater relief than finding a breeder who can make that dream a reality; lucky for us, Mary Alice does it just right!!!