An update on Sebastian.

Hi Mary Alice,

I have made some progress with the Kennel Club and Sebastian, he has been allowed to qualify for Crufts next year and will be there.

I have used him on my own little Bella Sofia from Simo and Radamantino Isabelal’s second litter.

It is the 1st litter for both of them, she gave me five puppy’s 3 bitches and two dogs, nice puppy’s, I have enclosed a picture at 6 weeks.

I have to go three generations on before they are completely recognized by the KC so Sebastian’s great, great, grand litter will be clear and from then on all is normal.

A long hard struggled but as long as I continue the line eventually I will achieve it., he continues to be a wonderful pet, lovable, friendly, an excellent companion who I love dearly.

I am keeping Stefan the Bold, the last to be born, 3 hours later when we thought it was all over, but since then leads the way, hence the name, Serifina is going to Spain with a friend who already has two bitches sired by Simo to a show home, and if I don’t keep her myself Scheherazade will also be going to another lady, to a show home.

I have also put Sebastian to my Radamantino Circe who gave me 6 pups last time on her first litter with Simo Aphia due in 2 weeks