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Sir ICCO – Champion Bolognese Breeding Stock

Janice is a Maltese puppy

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Bach is a BeBe puppy

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Beppe is a Bolognese puppy

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Rebekah a Pomeranian puppy

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Bolognese of Phoenix breed fine Bolognese, BeBe, and Bolonka puppise from Russian Bolonka and Italian Bolognese dogs

Goodi is a Bolognese puppy
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Proudly Representing the Small Quiet Breeds

When You Need to Rise Above the Rest, Choose the Very Best Ultimate Companion.

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Justin is a BeBe puppy

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Bobby is a Bolognese puppy

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  By Popular demand! Offering these fine Mini Teacup Korean imported puppies gives all of our valued customers the opportunity of owning these extremely rare 1, 2, and 3lb puppies.


  • All imported puppies are veterinarian certified to be in exhalent health.
  • A one year health insurance policy is included with each puppy sale. Covering even unforeseen accidental injury (80/20 co-pay).
  • Each puppy is issued its own birth certificate.
  • Each puppy is chipped for identification.
  • Each puppy is tested for Parvo prior to sending to new owner.
  • All shots, including NeoPar and NeoVac is given to each puppy prior to sending to new owner.
  • All shipping kennels are lined with natural lamb’s wool to insure safe transport.
  • All puppies are insured by the airlines during air transport.

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Female Shih Tzu

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Female Shih Tzu

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Female Maltese

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Female Pomeranian

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Sebastian Mary Alice Davis Lady Saxana

Whilst attending “Yappie Hour” *the other night at the most exclusive Paradise Valley resort known to man, Intercontinental Hotel Montelucia Resort & Spa, I had my photo taken by the most sought after celebrity photographer, from Beverly Hills, who grabbed me and said, “Stand here!” I did and with the natural lighting of the beautiful Arizona sunset, took this photo with me and my two little darlings! The puppies drank water from tall, huge campaign glasses and I sipped Pinot Noir from Riedel crystal.

The puppy pictures on Bolognese Of Phoenix.com have pearls, Coke cans, jewelry, and other items such as a hand appearing in photos, to show the size of the puppy. These items are simply a point of reference. The Pixies in the woods theme of the background is just a fun subject depicting imagination and appreciation of art. The largest Pixie with wings is only about 10 inches tall. Keep in mind that the puppy is in the foreground and the Pixies are in a painting on canvas in the background. It is an illusion to have items appear in front of the puppy such as a Pixie. Having the background on canvas allows the pliable canvas to be placed under the puppy as well as in the background. Most all photos are taken without an assistant to help me. How do I do this? I don’t have the slightest idea! I blame any success on divine intervention because I truly have never been able to take a decent photo of anything in my life, until I started photographing these little darlings. Plus, setting my fears aside, I just do it! It is all part of the challenging hard work of breeding & photographing these rare, wonderful puppies. The reward comes from the public who express such emotion and gratitude for my 24/7 dedication. Recently, It was one of my little puppies that won top honors at the prestigious, CRUFTS Dog Show in Great Britain! SEBASTIAN, up against 6 older champions, won 2nd in his class! That is the top Champions in the World competing and little SEBASTIAN has only been in 3 dog shows! Last October he won 1st in his class at the World Dog Show, in Slovakia! My SAXANA’s sister, SIMO, won all top honors at CRUFTS! There is no higher honor for both Breeder, Trainer or puppy than winning at CRUFTS. Credibility of what one represents in breeding is always something breeders have to show and prove. Now, the World knows, without question, that the best quality bloodlines in puppies there is comes from Bolognese of Phoenix kennel in Phoenix Arizona!

To comment email Mary Alice Davis – maryd08@cox.net.



Anabell is 1.5 pounds. She is vivacious and loving. She is so tiny and so perfect it is hard to describe in words, the feeling you have when you look at her.


Bichon Bolognese
is an Italian breed related to the Bichon Frise. It
is the toy version of the Bichon. They are as rare a treasure as the beautiful paintings or music of Italy. The Bolognese is snow white
and cuddly. They are quiet, but playful, dogs that thrive in small apartments or large homes. There is no shedding or dander, so they make excellent pets.
Nearly extinct ten years ago this 2500 year old breed is valiantly fighting for its very existence. Due to the dedicated efforts of Bolognese breeders
worldwide this breed exists today. AKC (American Kennel Club) only has 24 Pure Bichon Bolognese registered at this time in the United States.

The “Teacup” Bolognese
has taken the dedicated effort and a highly strict breeding program years to develop. They are very tiny, only weighing 3-4 pounds as adults.
Bolognese of Phoenix is the only breeder of this fine quality tiny below standard size Bolognese named the “Teacup” Bolognese in the United States.

We are also introducing a new breed in the United States called a
“Teacup” Bolonka. These are different from the Russian Bolonkas in that they are the original breed from France and are 2-4 pounds when mature.
Bolognese of Phoenix is the only breeder in the United States carrying the pure Bolonka. They are very rare and are black, frosted with white or honey. Like the Bichon
Bolognese they are cuddly, quiet, playful dogs with no shedding or dander that make excellent pets for either small apartments or large homes.

– A combination of a Bolognese mother and a Bolonka Father. Both Bichon – base breeds. This hybrid or designer dog, is the exclusive creation of Bolognese of Phoenix Kennel.
This one of a kind unique hybrid’s adult weight is only 3-5 pounds.

The Bolognese dogs are loyal and quiet companions. They are excellent watchdogs, but they are not nuisance barkers. They are squarer in shape than other bichons, the Bolognese has a single coat of white hair. The Bolognese is named for the area where it first made its mark, Bologna, Italy.

The Bolognese dogs are practically odor free and are ideal for people with allergies. They are natural clowns and people dogs who thrive on companionship.

The Bolognese is highly intelligent and easy to train with positive reinforcement, as he is rarely in need of scolding. He is neither headstrong nor obstinate.

1-866-925-4553 or 1-602-266-9270

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Angels’ Delight Tear Staining Remover


No Antibiotics are used in this product!


Angels DelightThis product is approved and sanctioned by the strict standards of the United Kingdom. Only the very finest natural ingredients have been used in this
product for your puppies continued good health.Angels Delight is owned by Tear Stains No More LLC. Exclusive U.S.A. distributor. Product manufactured in the United Kingdom.
Angels Delight Tear Staining Remover

Angel’s Delight Tear Staining Remover does not contain Antibiotics of any kind.
We produce this fine product because Veterinarian’s have recommended not to use Antibiotics for tear stain removal.
The FDA has banned all Tear Stain Remover with Antibiotics in them.
The European Union has banned all Tear Stain Removers containing Antibiotics.

* See list below for EU Countries

Angels’ Delight Tear Staining Remover is a Holistic Pet Product which uses only
100% natural ingredients for the safety of your dog. Learn more about Angels’ Delight >>
*The European Union is made up of 27 countries across Europe.Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.



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