Bolonka Standard

Breed standard

What we want to reach

Bolonka is still not FCI recognized breed, but Bolonkas can be registered in the national registers of the FCI organizations.

In Slovakia is it Slovenská kynologická jednota (SKJ) – a member of FCI that issues the FCI-Register pedigrees.

There are more standards and names of the breed connected with Bolonka. There are also attempts to make more breeds from Bolonka.

This breed development was also similar with other breeds in the past, but we hope that the name and standards of the breed will be unified in the future. We hope also that the look and character of the dogs will be unified too. This “other breeds” have the same parents or grandparents and so we thing that they are the same breed, nevertheless many looks different (size, colour, length of the muzzle, body construction etc.). Very important will be selection of the dogs, that will built the type accepted like the ideal Bolonka in the future.

Bolonka standard we introduce now is reflecting the detailed requirements we will use in our breeding of Bolonkas. This standard was prepared based on existing standards (Russian, German, Czech), but we also put there our imagination of the ideal Bolonka.

Our Bolonka standard was prepared as detailed as possible and will be introduced to Bichon Club of Slovakia for approval.

Because the FCI full recognition will take more years of breeding, we cannot predict the final wording of the FCI standard.

We would be glad if the main part of this standard will be the basis for the future official FCI standard.

More breeders abroad did the big job with development of the type of Bolonkas we like. We will work further on development the ideal type, but we will be focused mainly on the FCI recognition of the breed. The FCI recognition of the breed cannot be done by one breeder so we would be glad if there will be so many enthusiastic breeders as possible, that will cooperate together to bring the breed to the full FCI recognition.


Bolonka Cvetna / Bolonka Zwetna/ Tsvetnaya Bolonka / Boloňský psík farebný

Prepared by:  Ladislav Kamenický

General Appearance:  Small, balanced dog, slightly longer than height at withers. The breed appears smart due to the profuse hair.

Important Proportions:  Length of body slightly longer than height at withers. Shorter body is preferred.  Muzzle is shorter than skull.  The ideal length of the muzzle, measured from the eye to the tip of the nose should be between 63 to 75% of the length of the skull. The concrete length of the muzzle should not go beyond 4 cm. If one of the two demands is fulfilled, the dog is within the requested ideal.

Behaviour / Temperament:  balanced, lively, friendly

Head:  In proportion with the dog, of medium size.

Cranial Region:  Skull: Moderately broad, slightly rounded.

Stop:   pronounced

Facial Region:

Nose:  Not protruding. Black or in harmony with the different colours of the coat.  Muzzle: Tight, straight, black or in harmony of the different colours of the coat.

Lips:  tight

Jaws/Teeth:  A scissor bite is desirable. Level bite is admitted. The incisors of the upper and the lower jaw must be complete.

Eves:  Of medium size, roundish, dark brown, hazel coloured or green with dogs which have a brown nose, set a little bit obliquely. Eyelids are thin, lean, tight, eye rims black or in harmony with the different colours of coat.

Ears:  Of medium size, set on high, carried drooping, the tips of the ears are close to the skull.

Neck:  Of medium length, lean, carried high.


Withers:  moderately developed
Back:  straight, strong, broad, well muscled.
Loins:  short, slightly arched
Croup:  broad, a little bit slanting
Chest:  deep, moderately broad, oval shaped
Belly:  slightly tucked up

Tail:  Of medium length, set on high, carried gaily with curve over back or to either side.


Forequarters:  Seen from front, the front legs are straight, vertical and parallel, in good proportion and of good length in relation to the body.

Shoulders:  The angle at the shoulders joint varies between 90° and 110°.

Elbows:  Turned neither in nor out.

Pasterns:  Strong, almost upright.

Hindquarters:  Seen from the back, the hind legs are straight and parallel, set a little bit wider than the forequarters. Angulations of the rear limb must be such as to produce a level back.

Feet:  small, arched, tight, slightly oval shaped

Gait:  Movement: light, free


Hair:  Dense, thick, profuse, silky, soft and supple, forming large curls or very wavy. A completely smooth coat is undesirable. Length of the coat at least 5 cm. The longer coat is preferred. No undercoat. Not forming a parting of the back.

Colour:  Any colour or colour combination is allowed except purely white colour on the whole body. Less than 20 % of white colour is preferred.

Size and Weight:

Size:  Males – height at withers up to 26 cm. Females- height at withers up to 24 cm.

Weight:  The weight up to 4 kg.

N.B:  Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Breed Limitation Faults:

Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should in exact proportion to its degree.

Disqualifying Faults:

– Overshot
– Undershot

– Incisors not complete
– Bad temperament

– Depigmentation of the nose

– Nose of any other colour than black or nose other than the colour of the coat.

– Convex muzzle (Roman nose)

– Size more than 28 cm in the males and more than 26 cm in females.

– Purely white colour of the coat on the whole body

– Bilateral depigmentation of eyelids

– Strabismus (Squinting)

– Any hereditary illness or fault
– Tailless, short tail


The main target of kennel Apháia® is breeding of the show quality dogs with a big potential to win the most of the prestigious international dog shows. We are trying to breed dogs according to the specified features by transferring all this perfects and character to our future puppies. We do stringent selection. Non standard dogs we don´t use in our breeding! In breeding we prefer principle of top quality of both parents and we are strictly selecting and differentiating quality of the puppies.

We are giving big attention to the character of our dogs. Our effort is self-confident happy Bolonka, which is enjoying the life and its optimism is transferred to all his surrounding.

Today’s potential of our future litters is very promising, because we would like to use various top males and top females of different blood lines in our breeding.

We are looking forward to our future litters and puppies!

All the best and a lot of breeding successes for all Bolonka fans wish

Ladislav, Bianka and Kim Kamenickí