History of BOLONKA

Nobody knows exactly the origin of the breed. The Italian Bolognese or the French Bichon à poil frisé could be the basic of Bolonka. Bolognese dogs were the pets of the famous women such as Madame Pompadour, Katharina of Russia or Maria Theresia of Austria.

During the 20th century, the breeders in RUSSIA crossed Franzuskaya Bolonka (white color) with small colored dogs and since 1966 little colored dogs called TSVETNAYA BOLONKA (colored Bichon) are bred and shown on Russian breed shows.

In Germany these dogs are known as Bolonka Zwetna since the 1980’s or in the last years under the name Deutscher Bolonka (have got shorter muzzle, are smaller as Bolonka Zwetna). The “both” Bolonka breeds have in general the parents from the similar blood lines.

In the Czech Republic Bolonkas are bred under the breed name BAREVNÝ BOLOŇSKÝ PSÍK (BOLONAIS COLOR). Bolonkas are in the pedigrees many times mistakenly called Bolognese (in English). There are attempts to develop independent national breed called Barevný boloňský psík, nevertheless the parents of the puppies are called in the pedigrees Tsvetnaya Bolonka or Bolonka Zwetna.

The first Bolonkas were imported to SLOVAKIA in the year 2005. SKJ-FCI organization opened in 2005 the SKJ-FCI Register of BOLONKA CVETNA (transcript of German breed name Bolonka Zwetna) / BOLOŇSKÝ PSÍ FAREBNÝ (Slovak name) from the initiative of the kennel Aphaia.

We were searching and selected Bolonkas we use now in our breeding for a very long time. We wanted only the best dogs from the best bloodlines available now. So we liked the small dogs with perfect bite (scissor 6/6), with nice faces (nice head, intelligent eyes, short muzzle) that fulfill the standard requirements and of course also our imaginations. Really top show quality Bolonkas are very rare.

After the long search we imported our dogs from Germany and from Czech Republic. Some of our dogs have also Russian blood. The countries of import influenced also the breed name written in our pedigrees.

So many different names of the breed make the problems in the pedigrees. The parents of one puppy could be the Bolonka Zwetna or Tsvetnaya Bolonka or Deutscher Bolonka or Barevný boloňský psík. Than you have the problem what breed name shall have your puppy. In all breed names is one word common – concretely BOLONKA. We hope that the word/name Bolonka can be in the future acceptable for all breeders. What will be the final breed name approved by FCI can know anybody today.

The way to FCI approval will be not easy. Eight unrelated blood lines of Bolonkas are needed for the FCI breed approval. Very important is the close cooperation of all breeders that would like to develop a typical and ideal type of Bolonka. How the ideal Bolonka will look like will bring only the time and preferences of the breeders and Bolonka fans. To compare Bolonkas with the other breeds, Bolonka is absolutely new breed. So we wish this wonderful breed much success and many top puppies that will improve the quality of the breed.